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Dose of Reality: Parents Get Tattoos of Birthmark

Honey-Rae Phillips was born with a unique birthmark covering one of her legs. Elite Daily writes about what her parents have done to make her feel less different: Two British parents have gotten tattoos of the same red birthmark that covers their daughter’s body so she wouldn’t feel alone. The Mirror reports that 18-month-old Honey-Rae …
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NYMM: New is Cool Again

In a day and age where originality is not a priority and click-bait rules the information highway, it’s a pleasure to see artists, writers, and performers get recognized for taking the leap into experimentation. Although this year’s Academy Awards ceremony left a lot of us feeling like an unsatisfied side chick the morning after, at least …
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NYMM: The Vent

The Vent Giuliana Rancic had to apologize for making an offensive racial slur about Zendaya. We are all waiting for Rancic to apologize for ruining our television every time we’ve had to listen to her on the red carpet. Kelly Osbourne is considering quitting the Fashion Police after Rancic’s comments. If Kelly does quit, she can always go work at….uh….well there’s always…uh…Dancing with the …
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NYMM: Premier League Weekend Preview

The biggest game of the weekend takes place outside of the Premier League, as Chelsea and Tottenham battle at Wembley in the League Cup final for the right to lift the first trophy of the year. Though the teams split their opening two matches of the season, Chelsea holds a distinct advantage heading into this …
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NYMM: Pretty in Plum

Plum is wildly understated and not just because of its delectably sweet syrup – it also happens to be a great color. Plum made its first debut in 1805. I once knew a plum and had him for brunch every Sunday – he was a good man, I digress. However, since then he hasn’t really …
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NYMM: Sixth Man of the Year

Being the first guy off the bench has become a vital role for teams in the NBA. Commonly referred to as the “Sixth Man,” the role has been pinned as instant offense off the bench. The sixth man role has become just as important as a starting job within a team. Most of the time, …
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NYMM: Dose of Reality

Turkish Men in Miniskirts The other day, a young woman was sexually assaulted and murdered by a minibus driver in Turkey. Young people throughout the country as well as in neighbouring Azerbaijan rose to protest, both online and in the streets. To show their solidarity, many men chose to don miniskirts. A columnist at the …
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NYMM: One Week

Who doesn’t love Barenaked Ladies? Get your minds out of the gutter, readers; I’m talking about the band. 1998 was a good year for those guys as it yielded their most popular single to date, “One Week.” The music video is a little wacky, featuring the band performing in front of a royal court. The …
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NYMM: Sunday Evening Spent at Petite Abeille

Do you ever have those weekends that feel more like workweeks? You think the week is over and then boom, Saturday and Sunday become devoted to the things you couldn’t fit into your weekly schedule. So much for relaxation, am I right? Well, as a writer/editor/student/bartender, these weekends happen frequently. Between the double shift at …
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NYMM: What’s Next for the Brooklyn Nets?

As you already know, the Brooklyn Nets were active at the trade deadline, dealing away veteran power forward Kevin Garnett to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for forward Thaddeus Young and a $2.3 m trade exception. The trade was a great start for the Nets in terms of revamping their entire roster, which is what …
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